Handcrafted Pastries,
Sweet and Savory BRUNCH!

Join us in De Pijp, Amsterdam, for a delightful brunch featuring our savory peinirli, sweet croissants, refreshing freddo espresso, and a variety of delicious bakery treats!


Embark on a coffee journey that takes you from the lively flavors of Ethiopia to the lush depths of Papua, through the smooth terrains of Guatemala, to the bold character of Sumatra. Our carefully selected coffee blends are crafted to transform your coffee moments into a remarkable experience. Whether you prefer your brew hot or iced, our Amsterdam store is ready to serve you a cup that redefines what coffee can be.

Freddo Cappuccino in Amsterdam: Embracing Greek Flavors
Ethiopia Limu

Medium-bodied, well-balanced, with a spicy wine flavor and citrus acidity, soft berry tones, chocolate, and floral notes.

Discover Amsterdam's Greek Coffee Charm: Freddo Espresso
Guatemala Huehuetenango

The Huehuetenango is a variety with very sweet aromatics, combined with floral and fruit elements, nuts with a sweet coating. A coffee from Guatemala.


The Sumatra Coffee variety is considered one of the top gourmet coffees in the world with the best taste. It gives us a very distinctive earthy taste along with spicy herbal notes and a syrupy sensation in the mouth.

Papua New Guinea

A coffee with a smooth body and a pleasant aftertaste. A clean taste with consistency that leaves notes of berries, cedar, malt, and tea.

Costa Rica

Rich balanced flavor with notes of flowers and fruits. A unique coffee with a round body and pleasant acidity.

Colombia supremo

A very exotic coffee variety with a long tradition from the farms in Colombia. It has an excellent aroma and full body.

El Salvador

A coffee that offers us a sweet note of milk chocolate, with a subtle lemon peel and black sugar.


A variety with a velvety soft aroma of berries and a unique smooth taste.

Harmani Freddo Espresso Freddo Cappucino Amsterdam De Pijp
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Freddo espresso amsterdam


At our core, we’re artisans of roasting, crafting each batch of coffee beans with precision and care to unlock their fullest flavor potential.

Freddo espresso amsterdam


Precision meets perfection as we expertly grind our freshly roasted beans, ensuring that every cup boasts the ideal texture and richness.

Freddo espresso amsterdam


From bean to brew, our dedication shines through as we meticulously prepare each cup of coffee, ensuring a delightful experience with every sip.

All Day Brunch in de Pijp

Freshly Roasted Coffee

At Harmani, we specialize in freshly roasted coffee, including unique blends from Ethiopia, Guatemala, Sumatra, and Papua New Guinea. Each cup is brewed to perfection, providing a remarkable coffee experience.

Handcrafted Pastries & Savory Brunch

At Harmani, we take pride in offering a wide variety of food that combines traditional Greek flavors with modern brunch favorites. Our handcrafted pastries include sweet and salty croissants with unique flavors like praline, pistachio, and smoked salmon with scrambled eggs. Our Greek-inspired peinirli is a must-try, featuring a savory bread filled with delicious toppings such as cheese, bacon, mushrooms, and more.

For those looking for a hearty start to their day, our menu also includes yogurt bowls topped with fresh fruit and Harmani granola, breakfast burgers with fried chicken and caramelized onions, and refreshing burrata salads with cherry tomatoes and pickled onions. Each dish is thoughtfully prepared to offer a perfect balance of flavors and textures, ensuring a delightful dining experience.

Our brunch offerings extend to our signature “Harmani Classics,” which feature a variety of freshly made dishes that are sure to satisfy any palate. From our golden croissant with scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon to our mushroom feta croissant with poached eggs and spinach blend, there is something for everyone.

Our menu also includes yogurt bowls, breakfast burgers, and burrata salads. Experience the blend of Greek and Dutch culinary traditions at our café in De Pijp, Amsterdam.

Signature Iced Coffee Drinks

Our signature iced coffee drinks, Freddo Espresso and Freddo Cappuccino, bring Greek flavors to Amsterdam. These refreshing beverages are perfect for those looking to try something new and exciting.

Our Handcrafted Delicacies


Sweet Croissants

Bougatsan (signature)
Platter of minis with sweet dips
Salty Croissants

Salty Croissants

(scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon) *

Mushroom Feta
(poached egg, feta cream, mushrooms, spinach blend on a multigrain croissant) *

(scrambled eggs, rucola, avocado, chives served) *


(tomato sauce, cheese, bacon) *

(tomato sauce, feta, onion) *

(tomato sauce, cheese, bacon, mushrooms, egg) *

Build your own
Base (includes tomato sauce & cheese)
Addons: onions, peppers (green), pepperoni, bacon, mushrooms, haloumi, feta, egg, truffle mayo, fresh tomato


Yoghurt Bowl (yoghurt smoothie, harmāni granola, chia, banana, strawberry, berries)
Breakfast Burger (fried chicken, tomato, rucola, caramelized onions, cheddar, harmāni sauce) *
Burrata Salad (cherry tomatoes, rucola, strawberry, olive oil rusk, olives, basilicum oil, pickled onions)
Weekend’s Special (every week a new delicacy)
Fries/Sweet Potatoes


Single espresso
Double espresso
Single cappuccino
Double cappuccino
Single latte
Double latte
Flat white
Single macchiato
Double macchiato
Single latte macchiato
Double latte macchiato
Greek coffee

Plant based milk
Whipped cream

Iced Coffee

Freddo espresso
Freddo cappuccino
Instant coffee (frappe)
Iced latte
Iced latte macchiato


Laponic white
Earl grey
Place des Vosges
English breakfast
Matcha latte
Black Mashala chai
Chai latte


Hot chocolate
Flavoured chocolate
Cold chocolate

Coffee Pouches

250gr House blend
250gr Guatemala
250gr Papua
250gr Sumatra
250gr Ethiopia Limu FincaPastries


Why are we different?

With our innovative in-house roaster, our shop is the ultimate coffee-drinking destination! You simply select the bean you want (we advise you all the way) from a wide range of options and you choose your roasting preference depending on the taste characteristics you are looking for, and you automatically get the result you want always ensuring a consistent flavour.

Enter the 3rd wave of coffee innovation in Amsterdam!

Ice Coffee Culture

In the Netherlands, where hot coffee is the norm, iced coffee is becoming more popular. Meet freddo espresso and freddo cappuccino, two cool drinks that are changing how Dutch people enjoy their coffee.

Freddo Espresso:

A beloved icon in the sun-drenched cafes of Greece, Freddo Espresso embodies the passion for bold, chilled coffee. Now, it’s making waves beyond the Mediterranean, enchanting the coffee enthusiasts of Amsterdam. Picture the daring spirit of espresso taking a thrilling dive into an icy pool. Freddo Espresso, an exhilarating concoction served over ice, sparks a symphony of invigorating coolness that elevates the senses.

In the heart of Amsterdam, where hot coffee is a tradition, Freddo Espresso is carving its own niche. Each sip is an adventure, a fusion of Mediterranean vibrancy meeting Dutch innovation, offering a thrilling indulgence that tantalizes the palate and invigorates the soul.

Freddo Cappuccino:

Greece’s beloved Freddo Cappuccino, an ode to creamy indulgence under the Mediterranean sun, now finds its place amidst the bustling streets of Amsterdam. Imagine the artful blend of frothed milk, espresso, and ice reimagining the classic cappuccino.

Freddo Cappuccino’s popularity in Greece echoes in Amsterdam’s coffee culture, offering a delightful contrast to the traditional hot brews. This chilly rendition of a beloved classic intertwines the creaminess of frothed milk with the boldness of espresso, all kissed by the invigorating touch of ice. It’s an artistic marvel that transcends borders, inviting Amsterdam’s coffee enthusiasts.

Embrace the Iced Coffee Revolution: In a country that loves its hot coffee, iced coffee is the cool newcomer. Freddo espresso and cappuccino invite you to try coffee in a refreshing, different way.

Join the Chilled Coffee Journey: Transitioning from warmth to the chill of iced coffee isn’t just a change in temperature; it’s a vibrant leap into a vivid, spirited world. It’s a celebration of tradition intertwined with innovation, where each sip unveils a palette of refreshing surprises.